Suncoast Medical Cleaning Company Philosphy

At Suncoast Medical Cleaning, we are committed to successfully fulfill the sterilization, cleaning and janitorial needs of surgical centers.

Our cleaning services are designed to reflect the quality care that you provide to your clients on a daily basis as well as meet the requirements of OSHA and HIPAA. Additionally, we adhere to the standards of TJC, AAAHC and AORN that require a specific order and method to surgical center cleaning.

While Suncoast Medical Cleaning provides documentation of your cleaning routine, lists alone are not a guarantee of quality. Many unsanitary offices have beautifully bound work schedules detailing what should get cleaned on which day. At Suncoast Medical Cleaning we have a proven track record of actually keeping surgery centers and their operating rooms clean and sterile.

Our methods rely not only on regimented training and cleaning practices, but also on instilling a very common sense approach:

Operating rooms are terminally cleaned EVERY DAY, hard to reach areas are not an excuse for dust, and if it’s dirty, clean it each night regardless of the written schedule. In other words, we do the right thing every night to allow you to focus on your core business and not cleaning issues.

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