The Suncoast Medical Cleaning Difference

Question:  With all of the broken promises from other cleaning companies that start out marginally good and fail miserably, why should you believe Suncoast Medical Cleaning can be different?


The Suncoast Medical Cleaning Difference

 Answer: Training, Compensation, Ownership

Training:  To insure that commitments and expectations are met, each account is cleaned and maintained by staff along with owner participation until a cleaning routine is established and a 100% competency test is passed on each specific account.  After training, personnel understand that barring any extenuating circumstances they operate on a two strike rule.  Two repeated complaints within one month are grounds for immediate termination of any cleaning staff.  Cleaning staff are trained on the specific industry guidelines and regulations as well as areas of blood borne pathogens, hazardous materials and exposure control plans.

Compensation: Staff are paid on an hourly rate based on time assessed to service your account.  The incentive is to do the job well and meet all expectations while instilling a work ethic that is not based on time served, but results achieved.  In addition, bonuses are paid to cleaners based on a “no complaint performance” (NCP).  Staff achieve incremental bonuses based on one month of complaint free service.  A complaint sends the bonus level to $0, at which point they must start again to earn their NCP bonus.  The goal is to incentivize and reward long term quality service.

Ownership:  Suncoast Medical Cleaning is a privately owned corporation dedicated to serving the medical community of the Tampa Bay area. Suncoast Medical Cleaning’s philosophy is simple, “Cleaning isn’t rocket science-things are either clean or dirty.”  However, there must be a specific methodology involving training, tracking and incentive rewards to avoid the pitfalls of the cleaning industry.  Service should not start out fair and deteriorate over time but should improve as staff gest into a strong routine and become accustomed to an account’s needs.

The Suncoast Medical Cleaning Difference

Suncoast Medical Cleaning specializes solely in cleaning ambulatory healthcare facilities, laboratories and surgical centers

All cleaners are fluent in English

We know what terminal cleaning is and actually do it

Consistent cleaning service that results from long term retention of cleaning personnel


All areas are cleaned with a reduced-toxicity cleaning system, which is better for your staff, your clients and the environment

Each member of our Cleaning Staff is trained on AORN Recommended Practices, JCAHO Standards and OSHA Regulations

Local, committed, hands-on ownership that works directly with both you and our cleaning personnel to ensure consistency during each cleaning service

Suncoast Medical Cleaning is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured



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